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Dhanteras hd wallpapers

Dhanteras being an important part of the Diwali celebration and it is the first day where the celebration begins you can make use of the wonderful resources that are available online to add to this joyous moment. Happy Dhanteras 2014 HD Wallpapers Images & Wishes for FB |Picture Message can be brilliant way of wishing any one on the occasion. Unique and exclusive wallpapers can be got rather than using the old and the forwarded messages. I am providing these things in my site for this festival. You would find the collection of the pictures to be just breath taking. These are specially designed ones to match the requirement of every person.

Dhanteras hd wallpapers Dhanteras hd wallpapers Dhanteras hd wallpapers Dhanteras Wallpaper Dhanteras Wallpaper

Dhanteras Wallpaper

Dhanteras Wallpaper

Dhanteras hd wallpapers Dhanteras hd wallpapers Dhanteras hd wallpapers

{Diwalis}Eco Friendly Diwali Quotes, and slogans Images

Eco Friendly Diwali Quotes, Eco Friendly Diwali slogans , Eco Friendly Images


With Diwali the time has come for parties and get together. There are many items which should be performed like cleaning of your home, ornamentation, yummy sweets, puja etc. during Diwali we are planning to do all these things again this Diwali with a lot of delight and enthusiasm but do these in as way that is Eco friendly as you possibly can.

With time, a lot has transformed. Although the essence is the same but the focus has changed from lighting the entire world to more of bursting crackers and man-made illumination with diyas. But this Diwali we pledge to celebrate only Eco-friendly Diwali.

Eco Friendly Diwali Quotes, and slogans

  • Have a safe Diwali or No Diwali!
  • We pledge to keep our environment healthy and safe by using only eco-friendly crackers.
  • Let’s make our place beautiful and celebrate Diwali in an organic manner.
  • Eco-friendly Diwali can make greatest Diwali 2014 celebration.
  • Organic Ranoli colours, eco-friendly crackers and low calorie sweets can definitely make your Diwali memorable all year long.

This is all about the Eco-friendly Diwali celebration slogans and quotes that you can use to share with your friends and family to make their celebration filled with great joy.

Happy Dhanteras 2014 SMS Messages Quotes Fb status

The retailer, business class families considers particularly fortuitous Dhanteras day. Preparations include houses work premises bedecked and being renovated with decorations. From the Rangolis at the entries to rice flour footprints and the vermilion through the home everything welcomes Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings to be showered by her in the residents. Even people share some great Happy Dhanteras 2014 SMS Messages Quotes Fb status.

Dhanteras is also an excellent time for gift shopping for the celebration of Diwali.

Devotional songs are sung, all these are called Bhajans. Naivedya or Prasad is offered to the Goddess. Cows may also be worshipped on this very day as they have been the embodiment of Goddess Laxmi.

The Dhanteras has particular value to India’s business community, as they pray to Laxmi, the goddess of riches for success and good fortune.

The holiday is marked by brilliant decorations and renovations in company places and individual houses to welcome Laxmi, the Goddess of success and wealth. Doors stay open and communities or neighbours get together to share miniature lamps and sweets. Also people share Happy Dhanteras 2014 SMS Messages Quotes Fb status.

Dhanteras is primarily the beginning of Diwali festival and it is one of the busiest days among jewellers and utensil shops because people buy gold, silver and steel on this day.

God’s blessing may cum as
a surprise
And how much U receive
Depends on how much
Ur Heart can believe.
May U be blessed beyond
wat U expect..
“Subh Dhanteras”.

Dhanterash gives you 10 things in life
T=T alent
S=S aubhagya
We wish You and Your family
Dhanteras 2014 SMS

Important Information Related to IIT JEE Mains 2015


Engineering is one of the most highly revered professions in India. One of the main wishes of an Indian parent is that their children should be an engineer. This wish is universal and students are inbred to acknowledge the same. Most science students start preparing for the JEE exams post 10th board exams. Various coaching centers and tuition’s are especially in business because of the various entrance exams.

2015 would be the 2th year to be following the new format of the joint entrance examination. With new states joining the bandwagon, this is a must exam for any young engineer aspirants and if you want to get into the big leagues like IIT’s and ISM’s you not only need to clear IIT JEE Mains, but also IIT JEE Advanced. Last year over 14 Lakh students applied for the IIT JEE mains and only top 1,50,000 students would be eligible to apply for JEE advanced. But clearing these exams are not enough, you also need to be in top 20 percentile of your 12th boards to make the final merit list of the prestigious IIT’s.


Eligibility Criteria for IIT JEE Mains

  • The candidate should have passed their 12th Board examination or equivalent.
  • Candidates who are still in their 12th std and are giving their board examinations, can also apply for this examination but provisionally
  • Candidates who have passed their boards or equivalent in 2012 are not eligible for JEE mains.
  • Candidate’s birth date should be on or after October 1, 1990. There is a 5 year relaxation for SC/ST/PwD
  • A single candidate can apply for JEE Mains only 3 times
  • Exceptions are Maharashtra, Odisha and Gujarat. These states would follow their past practices.

Application Procedure

Students who are interested in applying for JEE mains, need to apply for it online on the JEE Main official Website. Once you are there you need to fill the application form, upload a scanned JPEG photograph, signature and also your left thumb impression. Pay the examination fee through a bank challan or debit/credit card. Once you submit this form, you would get an acknowledgement receipt, which you need to keep it safe. There is no requirement of sending it to the JEE Mains office.

JEE Mains is further categorized to two different papers –

  1. Paper 1: This is for B.E and B. Tech aspirants.
  2. Paper 2: This is for B.Arch and B.Planning aspirants.

You can choose either one of the papers or opt to give exams for both the papers. These examinations can be given in two formats – Online or Offline. The cost of the examination is given bellow.

Important dates to Remember

Though the exam schedule would be similar to 2014 and would be held in April 2015. The online application form for JEE mains would be available from the third week of November, 2014 and last date of application would be somewhere in the last week of December. The candidate would be able to download the admit card by mid March 2015. The result of the first exam would be declared in the first week of May 2015 and the counseling would be held in the first week of June.

Over the years, JEE has undergone many changes. 2010 saw a drastic change when students were given the copies of their answers and cutoffs were being announced. 2012 again saw the possibility of a new beginning, a change in examination pattern was proposed that was approved by the IIT council in September 2013. This two-way process of applying to engineering colleges definitely makes it simpler. Once you clear the IIT JEE Mains, you are eligible of institutes like NIT, IIIT and centrally funded technical institutes.

Best of luck for your examination!

Brighten Your Career in Bahrain


Bahrain is a magnificent Island archipelago in Middle East whose capital city is Manama, and has a population of about 1.4 million, half of whom are foreign residents. Bahrain is a country well-endowed with culture, natural resources, commercial resources, and tourist attractions, among others. The country which is rooted in Islamic culture and religion uses Arabic as the main language and English for business purposes. The country which has some blend of modernity is more liberal than neighbours Qatar and Saudi Arabia


Bahrain is ranked as one of the wealthiest nations not only in the Middle East, but also in the world due to the following endowments:

-Oil riches have influenced the development of all other sectors of the economy. -Bahrain is one of the leading financial and banking hubs in the Middle East. -The country is the leading business centre in the region which has attracted many multinational business firms, many of which are headquartered in Manama, Bahrain’s capital and commercial centre. -Majority of the workforce in Bahrain comprises of foreign nationals -The country’s location, endowments and natural resources have contributed to drawing numerous visitors who include tourists, businesspeople and investors to the country. -Other business and career activities in Bahrain include construction, metal smelting and ship repairing.


Careers in Bahrain

First and foremost, Bahrain is one of the most liberal economies in Middle East and this is reflected in the number of foreigners working and doing business in the country. -In actual fact the population of foreign expatriates working and living in Bahrain is equal to the number of the country’s citizens. -There are numerous career opportunities both in public and private companies and businesses. -The main sectors for employment include; business and banking, trading, manufacturing and refineries, Construction, and tourism, among others. -Most of those who move to Bahrain do so for improved financial and career opportunities. This is because in this country, people both in business and employment are less taxed, hence skilled expats living and working there are the richest lot in terms of property ownership and disposable income. -There are plenty of positions available in all sectors of the economy, and anyone who is quantified and can obtain a Bahrain visa and working permit is eligible to live and work in the country. -Bahrain has a diversified economy from petroleum to multinational firms which has created many jobs -Working in Bahrain can be an assurance of getting a property of any shape, size and design. There are properties suitable for all budgets, tastes and designs for expats in then country.

Travelling to Bahrain

All foreigners except those from the Gulf States will be required to have a visa to enter Bahrain. -While it is possible to arrive in the country on a tourist visa and later attempt to find work, it would be very difficult to find work within the limited work given, hence ensure that you’ve the right visa. – Different visa categories depending on the purpose of the visit. The type Bahrain Visa required will depend on the purpose of the visit and length of stay in the country.

5 Small Businesses Every Neighborhood Needs


“Popping down to the store” is a phrase that conveys exactly how convenient it is to live near much needed stores. Run out of milk? No problem, you can just run down to store at the curb. Want to enjoy an espresso and get some work done? Simply take your laptop and enjoy the free Wi-Fi at your local coffee shop. There are some small businesses that every neighborhood just can’t do without. And here’s a look at 5 businesses every neighborhood absolutely needs.



High end beauty salons are very popular these days but when it comes to simple, old fashioned, cozy barbershops – there just aren’t many of them around anymore. The traditional red and blue pole indicates that any man is welcome for a bit of manly pampering and one of them in any neighborhood will bring in numerous eager clients.
It’s a great business opportunity too! You begin by getting yourself trained and licensed as a barber. Barbering schools like Marinello teach you all you need to know about hair cutting and running a salon. You’ll even have a state recognized license in as little as a year. Next step is to gather some capital, set up shop and enjoy being your own boss!


No one can deny the importance of physical health but if getting to a gym is too much hassle, not many people will be inclined to invest in a membership. A gym or any kind of fitness center within a mile or two of a residential area will definitely have a lot of loyal, regular members. It’s a surefire source of income and a prosperous business to get into.
You’ll first need to get professional fitness training, and then it’s a matter of thorough planning, getting a loan, license and leasing equipment.


Somewhere between a restaurant and a coffee shop, a bistro is the perfect go-to hangout for anyone looking for a pleasant brunch with friends. A relaxed atmosphere, great coffee and good food is in high demand and customers will be in no short supply.Setting up a homely café may not be the easiest or cheapest endeavor, but it’s sure to be one lucky neighborhood’s hot spot.

A small restaurant can be a rewarding business to run, but before taking any big steps you should begin by planning and researching – plan menus, suppliers, look into tax and health laws and don’t forget insurance!

Daycare Center

A daycare close to home is every parent’s savior. Residential areas usually have lots of young children and are the perfect place to start a daycare center. Children are left in responsible hands while parents get their work done, which is especially useful for emergencies.
Daycares are a fun and easy to set up business, which can even be run from your own home. All you need to do is make sure you’re properly trained and have a license for running a child care facility.

Grocery Store

Being the grocer that offers that extra something you can’t get at the other stores can be your ticket to a building a successful business. A healthy produce section and a specialty for ethnic food or great steaks can turn your store into the most frequently visited one. All neighborhoods appreciate good quality, close to home and affordable produce, which you can provide.
Setting up a grocery business is a straightforward matter of getting a permit, finding a location and hiring a supplier. If there’s a supply, the demand shall arise!

Every neighborhood needs small businesses. The convenience of a dry cleaners or a utilities store in the vicinity of your home is too great to pass up. Would you be able to do without one of these 5 businesses where you lived?

Author Bio: - Who am I? I’m Kathleen Case and in my beauty salon i make people pretty. With the help of a fine education provided by Marinello I’m able to make the people of the world beautiful one face at a time. I have collected the experiences I have gained perfecting every face I work on and using all that information, I write about beauty in all its forms to help the people I cannot reach with my own hands.

Happy Diwali 2014 Sms Quotes Facebook status

Happy Diwali

Diwali, also called Deepavali is among the grandest festivals in India and is observed between November and October depending upon the Hindu calendar. There are a number of important events connected with Diwali like the return of the well-known legend Lord Ram and Sita to Ayodhya as well as the killing of Ravana.

This is a span as schools are shut down a week to 10 days while offices overly sport a joyful mood with this season for rejoicing. Here we are again to share Happy Diwali 2014 Sms Quotes Facebook status that you can upload on your profile.

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali 2014 SMS

Troubles as light as Air, love as deep as Ocean, Friends as Solid as Diamonds and Success as bright as Gold. These are my wishes 4 you and your family on this Diwali.

Troubles as light as Air, Love as deep as the Ocean,
Friends as Solid as Diamonds, Success as bright as Gold…
These are the wishes for you and your family on the eve of Diwali.
Diwali ki Shubhkamana!

Fortunate is the one who has learned to Admire, but not to envy.
Good Wishes for a joyous Diwali and a Happy New Year with a plenty of Peace and Prosperity.

Look Outside It’s Pleasant
LIGHTS Smiling For u
CANDLES Dancing For u
FAIRIES Waiting For u
Because I Ask them 2 Wish You HAPPY DIWALI !

May your life shine like light,
May your happiness be like sparkles,
May your sorrows be bursted,
Let your light shine,

2014 Karva Chauth / Karwa Chauth SMS, Wishes and Quotes

karva chauth 2014

A convention of religion, Karwa Chauth is a complete festival today. Observing Karwachauth, married Hindu girls observe a daylong fast for their husband’s long life. This demanding fast is undertaken by girls with eagerness and complete commitment. By finding Karva Chauth vrat, girls rejuvenate their wedded life and express love to their husband. Karwa Chauth is more like – a day reaffirm marital vows and to express love.

karva chauth 2014

If you are looking for 2014 Karva Chauth / Karwa Chauth SMS, Wishes and Quotes then get here complete collection of Karwachauth wishes 2014 to share with your husband or wife.

Karwa Chauth SMS

Dhanya woh devi jo pati sukh hetu vrat paave
Dhanya woh pati jo devi roop patni paave
Dhanya woh swaroop jo Manushyata ka deep jalawe..
Karvachauth ki Shubhkamnaye

Happy Karwa Chauth

Aaj mujhe aapka khaas intezaar hai,
Ye din hai karvachauth ka..
Apki lambi umra ki mujhe darkaar hai..
Jaldi aana, yakin karna apke liye sab chorr baitha apka pyar hai !

Happy Karwa Chauth

Its day of fast my wife
I know you care fore my life
Though I can eat
but believe I did not take any wheat
I as Husband cares of your
Every moment I love you More .. More More..

Happy Karwa Chauth

Writing Essays Becomes Easy With Online Services


Writing lengthy essays for your college and school project is really a time consuming task.  Not only this, you have to use right grammar, frame and reframe the sentences in a sensible manner, use excellent vocabulary and much more. You have to make sure that you do not copy even a single sentence from the source. Even if you do, you have to give proper credit to the source.


We often come across different types of essays, which are grammatically correct, but fail to satisfy the formatting style. Besides struggling with all these issues, you have to submit the project before deadline.  Considering the need of students, many online speech help websites are introduced online. Undoubtedly, they will help you to write excellent quality articles. From an array of websites available over the internet, you have to find the most suitable one that satisfies all of your requirements.

How to find the right company

It is certainly not a cakewalk to find the right company. Initially, you could prepare a rough outlay of all the services available online. Now, you could ‘cross’ the companies that are new in the industry and tick mark those which have at least 5- 10 years of experience.

Next criteria for short-listing them could be on the basis of customers’ feedback. If your company has received 3- 5 star ratings from the previous and existing customers, you could move on with them. However, if they have poor user ratings, you could exclude them from the listings.

Not only this, you must check the qualification of all the professionals. To register with these companies, you have to sign an online contract with them. Make sure that you read all the terms and conditions of the contract before you proceed ahead.

Check out some of the benefits of signing up with these companies:

  • They are budget friendly. One page of a full proofed essay or dissertation will cost you as less as $7
  • They could solve your problem in seconds
  • Help you to manage your time

Other additional benefits of reputed companies in this business

Many companies provide you a fair opportunity to choose the writer of your choice to write the case study, dissertation, essay, articles etc. To check the quality of work of the writer, you could share a piece of work on a social blog or forum. In this way, other viewers could help you to decide whether you are investing on the right professional.

Some rules and regulations followed by these online companies

Initially you have to fill a small order application form. Under this contract, you have to state your interest, what kind of an essay or case study you are looking for. You could mention the formatting style as well. Once the company has mailed you the work, you have to pay them. You could use some of the approved payment methods like the credit card, debit card, PayPal, net banking, demand draft and so on.

Author’s Bio:

Barbara Proulx has written many articles explaining how online speech help and academic writing services can assist you in creating quality essays that will help you clear the exams with good grades. If you are looking for cheap writing services, you could contact them by visiting their website.

Gandhi Jayanti 2014 Essay, Speech in English

Short essay on Gandhi Jayanti 2014

Gandhiji was born in Porbander in the city of Gujrat. Through his independence struggle that was peaceful, he sent the message across the world that liberty may be accomplished through path of non-violence. The movements were instigated by him like Satyagraha which was chief episodes of the battle of independence.

Gandhiji believed that freedom can be achieved when everyone preaches nonviolence, compassion and love. He recommended that others should likewise do exactly the same and strove to practice of nonviolence and truth in all scenarios. For that, he lived in a residential colony that was self sufficient and embraced Indian conventional clothing like dhoti and shawl which he himself used to whirl on a charkha. He gave all of the extravagances of the life. Simple vegetarian food was eaten by him, and undertook long fasts as method of protest and self -purification.

Speech on Gandhi Jayanti 2014

On this auspicious occasion I would like to focus on our adoring Bapu ji’s life history. Gandhi Jayanti is observed as the birthday of Gandhiji, who called as ‘Father of Nation’. Mahatma Gandhi born in the place called porbunder on Octover 2nd 1869. His mom mother was Putlibai and father Karamchand Gandhi. After finishing his primary and higher secondary education, interest was taken by him becoming a barrister. So, his father was sent to England for getting higher education. After tough fighting of four years his father returned to India and finished his law degree…. and so on

This is a short summary on Gandhi Jayanti 2014 Essay, Speech in English that you can find here. To find more interesting speeches and essays on Gandhi Jayanti keep reading our posts. We will make your acquaintance with complete life history of our beloved bapu ji –Mahatama Gandhi.