5 Important Life Skills That You Will Gain In College

The question about the importance of higher education is debatable nowadays. Most students, even today will undergo challenging application process to enter the university “because that is what people must do” or “because parents told me to do so”. Then, they visit classes, skip some of them for parties and fail to gain precious skills that educational institution provides.

Modern students neglect compulsory education in higher institutions because they don’t think that it will give gave sufficient knowledge for the future profession. However, employers do not focus all their attention on the knowledge or your degree in the CV. First of all, they want to know what skills have you gained from your previous experience. So, if you have no working experience, you must include in the CV those, that you have got from your college.

I ask you to take a look at the higher education from another angle. Because the foundation that it gives to the person is vitally important. I do not deny, that there are some individuals that are able to get the same skills not only from their college. But, if you have a chance to combine professional studies with personal growth, why don’t you use it? Have a look at the next skills and discover new opportunities in the higher education.

1. Writing skill.

Writing skill

A skill to write literary text is a study skill that turned to be a skill for life. People learn how to write since early childhood because it is an important mean of verbal communication. By the way how you convey your message in the written form depends your academic performance and relationships with people. If you think that you have studied how to write at school, you delude yourself. Legendary fiction writers, who wrote bestsellers have been honing their writing skills for decades to produce their masterpieces.

A Higher Education gives you a field to practice this skill and to upgrade it nearly to perfection. Why nearly? Because there are no limits for self-development. With such intensive progress in every sphere of life a person must never stop trying to be better that he was yesterday.

Most courses in college curriculum require students to complete writing assignments. Each academic essay has a specified structure and requirements for style. And a student must cover a topic of his task keeping to those rules. With every piece of writing, a student involve his creativity and critical thinking to complete the task. He also must make some kind of a research to conduct the information. Someone can’t handle this task, so they have no way than just google “where can I buy an essay” to ask professionals to work on their writing assignments.

Finally, a writing skill is an important verbal communication skill that students gain during studying at college. If you neglect writing assignments at the university, your entry “communication skills” at the CV will be not competitive to get a solid job position.

2. Doing research.

Doing research

Research is a thing that someone is afraid of and others are waiting with anticipation. Students are usually assigned to deliver term papers, course works that involve a cretinous research. Why are people afraid of making a research? Because it requires numerous efforts.

A research is a multi-level process, and college teaches you how to succeed in it gradually. Research projects teach you how to analyze and distribute found information in your paper. Because every your idea must be supported by trustworthy evidence and you have to find it. In such a way students improve their academic writing. But the most important thing is that their gain professional knowledge during the research.

In the era of internet, where people are overwhelmed with tons of information sources, it is important to learn how to find a needle in a hay. It is necessary to differ trustworthy source from non-reliable one. Classes at the college also introduce students to a number of research tools that are mostly electronic now. Modern employers want their employees to be able to deal with tasks that involve research. And it is very hard work, but if you do it, you will become a valuable worker.

3. Public Speaking.

Public Speaking

It is one of the skills for life that involves the ability of a person to communicate with others. It is not enough to present material in the written form, you must do it orally as well. Many college courses include assignments to make presentations or to participate in debates. At least every study program offers to choose “rhetoric” as the extra course to polish public speaking skills.

At college students can often look at the example of public speaking while they visit a lecture of the professor. For them, the most memorable teachers are those, who have impressed them with the way they present material orally and keep the attention of the audience. Even the speech on a more boring topic can be entrancing and entertaining if it is delivered by the experienced speaker. On the other hand, the problem that really matters for students like “money tips for students” can look useless if the speech about it was presented at an unsatisfactory level. So, it is important to attend classes of lecturers that are miserable at public speaking to see the bad example and never repeat it.

When you give a presentation you activate your expressive communication skills.  They are used to express feelings, thoughts, and expressions and transmit your point successfully to the listener. Most of the freshmen are afraid to answer at the seminar in front of the audience of strangers. During their bachelor’s program, they get used for different circumstances (not usually positive) and succeed in performing in front of the audience even if it consists of strangers.

4. Teamwork.


From study skills, we slightly proceed to the skills for life. Nobody can acquire these skills through reading the books or attending online courses. So, if you neglect the importance of higher education, bear in mind that without college you won`t get something that is very important for your future.

Yes, teamwork is always a key factor in job success. If you cannot get along and cooperate with people you will be an anchor for the company you work. And even if you are a pro in your specialty and other practical skills (like programming or copy-writing), but you fail to work in a team and reach with them common goals, your boss will be forced to let you go.

Leadership principles run the work of modern educational institutions and companies. At college, students are usually encouraged to study in groups, make group projects and take part in competitions as a part of a team. Working with a person is a challenge. You have to be able to share your ideas and to be tolerant of the views of others. You should be able to find a common ground with your team through compromises. You will have conflicts with your teammates and you must not offend and argue with each other, but find solutions through them.

A college gives a chance to meet people of various views, cultures, and nations. And your team will not consist of the people with the mindset similar to yours. You will have to be flexible to reach a common goal. In is inevitable that you will have to negotiate with your team members to settle disputes, and make sure everyone is satisfied with the team’s choices. And you will become an effective team member if you listen to the ideas and concerns of other members and just show that you care to understand them.

5. Time Management.

Time Management

When you study at the college you lack time on everything. But you will manage to complete every task. I want to show an example from my personal experience. I used to study at the second shift. It means, that my classes started at 2 o’clock and could have finished at 8 pm. I participated in drama club and took an active part in the life of student council. Also, in the evenings, I was visiting different cultural events: workshops, theater performances, concerts. Sometimes I took part in intellectual contests, like quizzes or brain rings. I never denied an opportunity to hang out with friends and visit parties too. Since the 3d course, I started to work and earn for my living by my own. Finally, I want to note that my academic performance was the best in the group. And, you’ll be surprised, with such intense rhythm of life I got enough sleep. What was a key to my success?

I simply learned how to organize my time and set priorities to all my businesses. Honestly speaking, before I entered the university I haven’t read any tips about time management. I had only an aim to complete all my tasks to satisfy my needs and I found own ways to do it. The life in the college forces you to be busy like a hamster in a running wheel. And you have no way than simply to adjust to circumstances.

It is useful for every person to be aware of time management rules. But simple knowledge is not enough. You need a practice, through which you’ll gain the necessary experience for the future. And at the college you will face intense challenges that you won’t pass if you do not manage your time.

As you see, higher education is more important than it seems to be from the first sight. A good student is those who have a vision of what person he wants to be and who makes efforts to reach his goals. A bundle of skills that you get from the university is a valuable contribution to your future.


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