5 Tips to Get a Diploma with Honors

It is perhaps every student’s dream to graduate and earn a diploma with honors. However, the road to that goal can be a very rocky, winding road. Contrary to popular belief, graduating with honors doesn’t really require a student to have a very high IQ compared to others although it may be influential during the process. Nevertheless, you can always achieve this goal just by following these five simple tips. A Bonus tip at the end of the article has been added to provide you with the online educational resource to help you in your academic years.

5 tips to get a diploma with Honors
Study Smart

Just because you pulled an all-nighter doesn’t mean you’ll ace the test in the following dat. While some tests really do require long periods of studying, the methods employed are usually the reason why most students find their sleepless nights useless. Simply put, don’t just study hard. Study smart. There are great learning tricks that have proven to be useful—mnemonics, outlining and rhymes are just few examples of those tricks that can help students memorize figures and phrases easily. When the time comes that you sit down and take the test, these mnemonics can easily help you remember what you have studied even if you didn’t read the whole chapter from the first word down to the last.

Don’t skip classes

It’s easy to judge a teacher and his style of teaching especially when he’s not that effective in the field. Sometimes, the teacher may be too boring for you to listen or the course subject does not really interest you. Despite all these, it pays off if you never put off any classes and attend all those despite your body contradicting. You’d be surprised how you can easily follow through a discussion and study afterwards than when you are just copying notes from someone else. More often, professors actually give more incentives to students who they always see and participate. Earn good points by always being present and willing to recite to show that you are dedicated to the particular subject.

Get serious during Class

There are some campuses that have their own Wi-Fi system built almost everywhere, distracting students from engaging in discussions and thereby depriving them of learning. It is already hard enough just concentrating on the present lessons; students won’t possibly need another interruption. As they always say, prevention is better than cure. So if you want to get real serious in class, turn off your gadget’s Wi-Fi, sign out from your social media accounts and listen attentively to the teacher.

Befriend Your Professors

The traditional education system has always built a wide gap between teacher and student, and that is why almost every student hates it when teachers favor a particular student. However, you must also remember that teachers are also humans and you’ll have to communicate with them at some point to better your performance and understand what they are expecting especially when you come to know their personalities.

Join Extra-Curricular Activities

While good grades will help you land a job, good experience will make you sustain it. The grades you have achieved during your college years won’t be the only factor that employers will look for. They also consider your school organizations involvement and relevant hobbies. Rather than just stocking up pretty grades, you should also devote some time on these extra-curricular activities so that you’ll have a good resume expanding from academic excellence to leadership and character formation.

Bonus Tip for 2016: Maximize Online Educational Resources

Part of being a student is doing research and writing paper essays. Now technology is transforming education. You can learn from a wide variety of educational resources to help and guide you. Recommended online resources for learning and research are Videolectures.net, ResearchChannel.org and Academic Earth. These websites have created a Science community for learners and teachers. KhanAcademy.org is another notable online resource that has recorded more than 1,000 educational videos. For your paper essays, Instructibles, HubPages, About.com, AssociatedContent have the practical advice on daily topics. If you need a proofreader for your essays, or assistance in writing essays, essaypro.com and other professional writing services can be a great help.

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