Important Strategies To Prepare For Competitive Exams

Competitive exams can be daunting for students, but if they apply smart strategies to prepare for the examination, the process can be interesting and much more manageable. There are various competitive exams for different fields like engineering, medical, banking sector, management sector, government sector, etc. that students can apply. Every year thousands of aspirants apply for their preferred competitive exams, but somehow they can’t make it due to the lack of preparation for the competition.


In this competitive world, being completely prepared is the key to success. An important condition of success in the competitive exams is planned and systematic preparation with a single mind devotion. The main purpose of the competitive exams is not only to judge a student’s talent but also to test their planning and management skills. Some important strategies to prepare for competitive exams are provided in the points mentioned below.

  • Go through the syllabus and exam pattern

The first and the most basic thing to do while preparing for a competitive exam is to be completely familiar with the exam syllabus and the pattern of the examination. For example, if a student is aspiring to make a career in the engineering field, he should know the syllabus of engineering competitive exams like JEE Exam, BITSAT, etc. thoroughly. This will help them in covering the important section of the exam and will make them familiar with the marking scheme and the difficulty level of the questions.

  • Follow a timetable

Once students are familiar with the exam syllabus and the exam pattern, they must make a well-planned timetable to prepare for the exam. Students can make the timetable with both long-term and short-term goals which will help them to prepare more effectively. Following a timetable strictly on a regular basis will also make students more disciplined and help them to get rid of haphazardness.

  • Good student materials

Numerous study materials and guidebooks are available in the market for different competitive exams. But students are advised not to follow too many books while preparing for the examination. Following many books while preparing can lead to confusion which can affect the score of the student in the examination.

  • Solve question papers

Solving sample papers and previous year question papers on a regular basis is one of the best methods to prepare for competitive exams. It will help students to formulate a better and smart strategy for the exam. Solving question papers regularly will give the students a better understanding of the question pattern and the marking scheme of the exams and will also develop the speed and accuracy of the students which will make it easier for them to complete the exam paper on time. Students preparing for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, IBPS, UPSC, CAT, etc. are suggested to solve question paper on a regular basis to excel in their exams.

Students preparing for competitive exams can follow these strategies to prepare for their exam more efficiently. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel to watch interactive video lessons of various competitive exam topics.

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